It is our endeavour to keep the ecological impact on the trail and its surrounding as low as possible. The 100km trail from Garudmaachi to Lonavla is clean and free from plastic and we would urge you to help us keep it the same way. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while preparing for the trail and during the event.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Carry your own bottles, cutlery, plates and cups which you can use over the two days of the event. Avoid carrying bottled drinking water for your team or your support crew. Imagine the amount of plastic you will add by using so many bottles! Instead carry a hydra-pouch or a reusable bottle which can be re-filled at all Check Points. All Check Points will have enough water to last you for the next round of walk.

Keep the Trail Clean

DO NOT throw litter or garbage on the trail or anywhere else except in the dustbins provided at the Check Points. Carry even the smallest chewing gum or candy wrappers in your backpack back to the Check Points. You can go a bit further and become a green warrior by picking up garbage left by others.

Car Pool

Try not to take four different cars for four team members. Pool in and get to the Start Point in one car. If you can manage, then go all the way and use a public transport.

Be responsible while you answer the call of nature

Do not pollute any water resources as village communities all depend on the rivers and lakes for drinking water. Dig a pit and bury all bodily waste and toilet papers in them.