At the heart of Trailwalker is the support you provide to the work that Oxfam does and its initiatives that go a long way in changing the many lives across India. And Guess what? It's not really that difficult. In fact, once you begin the process you will realise it's actually a heady feeling to set your target and achieve it too. The easiest way to begin is asking people closest to you like your friends, families and colleagues to donate to your cause. Tell them about the projects that will get funded through this and the difference they can make in people's lives. Then you go the next step and involve friends of friends, acquaintances, neighbors, school forum, trekking or running groups etc. The more you involve the others, the more fun it gets. And sometimes, the wildest ideas can get you the best of the results.

Here are a few ideas just to get you started on your fund raising challenge.

1) Selling Raffle: Create your own fun tickets, sell them to everybody you can think of and hold a lucky draw at your place or office canteen to announce the grand prize. This can be taken online too.

2) Get Social: Start a blog on your team's training regime, experiences and anecdotes. Keep the excitement going via Facebook and Twitter. Share your feeling about the social issues that are close to you. Example – Rebecca David of Team Women Walking for Women (Bengaluru 2013) wrote a small note on Facebook on the issue of violence against women and asked her friends to support her. She raised Rs 35,000 through this note alone!

3) What's your Talent? If you are good with cooking, hold a ticketed dinner for your friends. If you are good with baking, make cookies or muffins and sell them in your office. Example – Again, Rebecca David of Team Women Walking for Women (Bengaluru 2013) asked her father to bake a batch of his famously delicious cakes which she sold to her colleagues.

4) Have a Garage Sale: Sell off your old books, trinkets, furniture you have no use for, clothes you have never worn etc. Get your friends involved and make it big.

5) Involve your Pubs/Clubs: If you are part of a running, trekking, acting or dance club, get them to hold a small ticketed event for your cause.

6) Movie Shows: Host a movie marathon and show your friends some good classic world movies for a small cost.

7) Run an Errand: Does your boss want a cup of tea? Fetch him/her that cuppa and charge for it.

8) Pet Sitting: If you love animals, you can ask your neighbours and friends to let you baby sit their pets for a cost.

9) The Kid Factor: Ask your kids to make greeting cards, gift tags, hand painted bags etc and sell it during the festival times or at their schools.

10) A Neighbourhood Fete: Get all your neighbours together and hold a Fete in your area like those in the good old days. Have a Juke Box stall, games, food all for a little price.

For more ideas, check out our Fun ideas for Fund Raising booklet.


Fundraising Email Templates
- Template 1

Dear [insert name],

Talk about a challenge!

I along with my three friends will be walking 100km to raise money and awareness for Oxfam India. The adventure is called Oxfam India Trailwalker.

Teams of four enter this event and have 48 hours to walk or run the 100km trail, although our team is hoping to finish in 38 hours. It's very likely that we'll walk through the night (with little or no sleep) until the end. The event raises vital funds for Oxfam India and help reduce inequality.

My team [Insert team name] is hoping to raise well over [Insert Fundraising Target] to help India's most poorest.

My Trailwalker team will be going the distance and hope that you can support us in this massive challenge. Please consider how you may be able to get behind us, either by sponsoring us directly or referring us to others.  If you would like to  sponsor us please follow the link: [Insert team page link]

The work that Oxfam India does is vital to so many people worldwide and 100km is a long way to walk!  But putting ourselves through weeks of intense training to walk 100km is worth it, for the impact our fundraising has on others through Oxfam India's programmes.

We ask you to please give generously if you can and consider how your donation can make a real difference.

Thank you!

- Template 2

Dear [insert name],

I'm on a mission: to help you pay less tax this financial year.

Actually, the tax deduction is more of a bonus. Mainly, the mission is to fundraise at least INR 80,000 for Oxfam India.

Fundraising is more like a pre-requisite; we have committed to raise atleast INR 80,000 and stand by our word!

And, anybody can walk. It's where and when you walk, and more specifically, when you finally stop that matters.

I'm walking 100km, with three of my friends, on one of India's most challenging endurance event, punctuated by only a brief stop every 10-15km to tend the blisters, grab some energy bars and top-up our drink bottle. It's called Oxfam India Trailwalker.

So, let's be clear. These four brave souls can only be on one mission: to hold back the onset of middle age.

To prove to our partners, kids and workmates that youthful exuberance still courses through these veins; that mountains might still be climbed; that our hearts are still mightier than our waistlines.

We'll do the walking, all you have to do is help with the justification — the bit about raising money for Oxfam India. Without the fundraising, we can't do the walk. Can't prove to ourselves that we still have what it takes ... mountains, heart, youthful exuberance, etc.

Please help these four ordinary guys. Make a secure, tax-deductible online donation with your card right now:  [insert your teampage link]

Name of the team