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Oxfam India Trailwalker is about team work and team spirit. It is a huge logistical
exercise with plenty of opportunities for people who want to get involved and be a part
of this epic challenge.

Oxfam India Trailwalker is about team work and team spirit. It is a huge logistical exercise with plenty of opportunities for people who want to get involved and be a part of this epic challenge.


Oxfam Trailwalker is a community event bringing people together and volunteering is a great way to meet people, give back to the community, make a difference and share the general excitement around the event. Needless to say, the event can never succeed without our volunteers, who are our greatest heroes.

There are many ways in which you can volunteer at the event. Closed

Managing a Checkpoint

Checkpoints are a hub of activity, a haven of food and nutrition, and a place for weary Trailwalker to rest. With so much going on at each checkpoint, there are literally hundreds of exciting positions to fill.

Walkers can seek their support crew assistance and avail check point facilities during the trail. Every 10 km (approx) there would be a check point in which walkers need to check in and check out.

Maximus is the logistics agency for the Event and will be responsible for providing all logistics support for the event. There would be one designated person from Maximus available at each checkpoint and will be responsible for all facilities at the checkpoint. Details of the designated person will be available with your checkpoint coordinator.

Roles available :

1. Checkpoint Coordinator : You are chief of the checkpoint, in charge of operations and staff assigned to your checkpoint. You’ll ensure the checkpoint is operational at the right time with no delays and runs safely and efficiently during the shift you manage and assist remaining volunteers to ensure they can help walkers at the Checkpoint.

2. Assistant Checkpoint Coordinator : You'll support the Checkpoint Coordinator and will be equally responsible in managing checkpoint smoothly during the shift you are assigned to.

3. Check in / out coordinator : The happy face all participants see when entering and exiting a checkpoint. You'll help us ensure that everyone is safe and accounted for, and act as the information outpost for everyone along the way. Please note check-in is as important as check-out. Do not check-in or out incomplete teams. Trailwalker is a team event and your role ensures the same.

4. Food and Beverage coordinator : Will ensure that the food is served in timely manner for walkers, support crew, volunteers and other staff members if food is suppose to be served during your shift timings. We have introduced pre-booked meals, provided to only those carrying coupons. Food may or may not be cooked at your checkpoint. But if served, please ensure it is available in sufficient numbers in packed boxes. Also manage the Beverage section of the checkpoint to ensure things are available in timely manner. Some basic ones are tea, coffee, hot water and drinking water.

5. Helpdesk coordinator : Will be responsible in assisting with any questions arising from walkers, support crew or volunteers. Also support your checkpoint with additional help if any.

6. Resting space coordinator : You will have to ensure that the walkers who arrive at the resting zone has sufficient place to rest and ensure that the mattresses are ready for the next walker who is walking in to use it accordingly.

7. Parking Marshal : Maximus is also providing Parking Marshals. Along with the parking marshals provided by Maximus, you will be responsible to ensure the perfect car park and making sure that parking is not interrupting the walkers.

8. Other services coordinator : Maximus is arranging several support services like portable loos cleaners, housekeeping staff and security staff at your checkpoint. A jack of all trades, assisting at the checkpoint in a variety of different areas such as maintenance services provided by support staff arranged by Maximus team, support in coordinating food and beverages, marshalling the walkers to the check-in desk, ensuring the checkpoint remains as ‘green’ as our logo and ensuring other services provided in checkpoint are functioning properly and timely manner.

Work on a trail

Keen to hit the trail, but not up for the full 100km? There are plenty of great roles for volunteers that will get you out on the trail – without the blisters!

Roles available :

1. Trail Marshal : The motivators! Not only will you help the participants pass safely along the trail, but you'll also be their motivation and support when they really need it. You will be assisting the walkers in between the checkpoints by navigating them to the next checkpoint.

2. Sweep crew : Avid trekker! All-important back-up crew – you’ll follow the last team on the trail and ensure they safely reach the next checkpoint. You'll also clear the trail of all trail markings and debris as you go.

You would be working in team and would be responsible for a section of the trail.

Medical assistance at a Checkpoint

Tight hammies, sore backs, blisters and swollen ankles await the medical support volunteers. These hugely rewarding roles provide an essential service for the wellbeing of our hardworking walkers, and they’re also a fantastic practical experience for physio and nursing students.

Roles available :

1. Nursing and Physio coordinator : There may be two to three different institution providing nursing and physio support at each checkpoint. Depending upon the same, they would be different Nursing and Physio Coordinator for each shift at the checkpoint. They will ensure that each walker is provided with the required medicine, relieve tension and muscle soreness, treat blisters, cramps, injuries to ensure they are well equipped or treated to reach the FINISH LINE.

The coordinators will be responsible for coordinating with other physio and nursing volunteers allotted at the checkpoint.
Both the coordinators will initially be oriented by the health/ medical partner and in case of any emergency, which is beyond the scope of the nursing and physio volunteers, should immediately be brought to the notice of the checkpoint coordinator, who would then coordinate with the medical partner through the event control centre.

Work at Finish point

Roles available :

1. Time Keeper Volunteers : These set of volunteers will be placed near the finish point arch and would be required to note down the team time when they cross the finish point arch. The time to be noted is the time of the last walker crossing the finish point arch which is used for announcing the final result.

2. Check-in Volunteers : All the walkers who arrived at the finish point needs to check-in and their details are further shared with Calligraphy team for making the certificate.

3. Calligraphy : If you have an awesome hand writing then here the task of Certificate writing for the walkers who have successfully finished 100km.

4. Felicitating Walkers : All the walkers who finish are felicitated with completion certificate and a medal. There are two kinds of felicitation—those who finish in teams of four, are awarded with team completion certificate and those who finish in incomplete teams are awarded with individual certificate. Medals are provided to all the walkers who would finish the walk. If you have a good communication skills and no fear of Public speaking, then you can volunteer for Felicitating Walkers at the finish point.

Event Control Center [ECC]

The ECC is located in a conference room at the Finish Point. The ECC is managed by the Event Controller (Oxfam Staff). Other Volunteer roles are as follows:

Roles available :

1. Database management coordinators : If you have an experience in data mining, data management you could be able to assist us in managing walkers details during the event. You will be coordinating with each of the checkpoint coordinator at least once every hour and note the check-in and check-out details of all the walkers during last one hour at the respective checkpoint.

2. Emergency contact coordinator : This would be one of the most important task in which you would be assisting the walkers, support crew or any other individuals who would call Emergency helpline number during the event for any information.

If you have any queries or suggestions contact our volunteer coordinator

Oxfam Trailwalker
Volunteer Resources

Key Dates

  • 16 Apr
    Registration open date
  • 23 Oct
    Registration closing date
  • 25 Oct
    Online Briefing Session (FB live chat)
  • 01 Nov
    Minimum Fundraising (80K) closing date
  • 17 Nov
    Bib Distribution Dates
  • 18 Nov
    Bib Distribution Dates
  • 23 Nov
    Event Date Start- 100 km/48hrs
  • 24 Nov
    Event Date Start- 50 km /24hrs

Thank You!

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