Whether you're taking part in Oxfam Trailwalker or donating to a team, you're taking a significant step in improving the lives of some of India's most vulnerable and marginalised communities. Your step is their leap!

The money you raise is used by Oxfam India to support these people in 6 of the poorest states of the country. The people you support don't want to survive on aid and assistance forever, and they have the right to lead a dignified life. Hence, Oxfam India works in partnership with over 60 grassroots NGOs to address the root causes of poverty and injustice, enabling these people to stand on their feet.

Here is how Oxfam India will utilise the funds you raise:


` 4800: To provide accelerated learning to four drop outs returning to mainstream education

` 7000:To provide interactive education to two classes of 30 girls

Empower Women:

` 5000: For capacity building of 5 members of the community based vigilance groups, to prevent violence against women and girls

` 30,000: To provide counselling sessions to 20 women facing violence


` 5000:For capacity building of 5 members of the community/village (village health sanitation and nutrition committee) to monitor health and nutrition services in their village

` 10,000: For supporting and empowering adolescent girls in saying no to early marriage


` 10,000: To provide livelihood support to five women in one of the poorest states of India where Oxfam India works.

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