There is a reason why Oxfam Trailwalker is the ultimate team challenge. Walking a distance of 100km in 48 hours, can push the participants to their physical and mental limits.

Having a team of trustworthy and committed members is the only support each participant has during this exhausting journey.

Stick together from the beginning to the end. You may decide to go on your own but the timing at the Finish Point counts only when the last member comes in. Oxfam encourages teams to finish the challenge together by awarding them a higher rank as compared to those who complete the trailwalker with a missing member.

Oxfam India gives you some suggestions to build a cohesive unit that can complete the trailwalker with flying colours:

1) Practice and train together as much as possible. It will help all team members understand each other's personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

2) Set clear goals for the team. You might want to finish the challenge in 32 hours or just finish the 100km together as a team. All four members should know, understand and accept the team's goal.

3) Identify each member's skill set. Distribute tasks among members according to their abilities. Give support to a member as and when required.

4) Prepare for any situation. One incident could throw all previous planning out the window. Don't leave anything to chance. Build a consensus with the team before taking a decision.

5) Don't carry a grudge. Be aware of interpersonal issues and deal with them in full.

6) Have fun. The most important suggestion that we can give you- Celebrate your participation in the Oxfam Trailwalker. Whether it's completing a planned training schedule or achieving a fund raising target, go out, involve friends and celebrate together.