We like to keep re-inventing ourselves every year and this time we have some surprises up our sleeves.

You may think you are an expert of Trailwalker, but we like to keep challenging you. So please read carefully:

  • Fundraise minimum Rs. 80,000 to participate

  • Get a support crew. You cannot complete the challenge without them

  • The event logistics will be frugal and minimum yet clean and comfortable. Your support crew will be your extended team. They would be required to carry sleeping bags and sleeping tents, meet your nutritional needs and first aid

  • Drinking water and toilets will be available at all checkpoints.

  • We would be happy to provide whatever our sponsors would be willing to support with or what local community will be willing be arrange.

  • No charging points till checkpoint 3. Please carry power banks for the same.

  • Watch out for the Trailmate App! After the beta version that was launched in 2017-18, we are bringing back a more robust App that will make sure you don't miss out on anything!